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Latest News
TAZREEN GARMENTS FIRE ACCIDENT ( 24 November 2012 ) Video Documentary

OSHE Accident Investigation Report on Tazreen Fashion-PDF File

867 killed, 465 critically injured in last Nine months. (OSHE SURVEY REPORT : 1st January-30 September 2011)

622 killed, 395 critically injured in last six months. (OSHE SURVEY REPORT : January-June 2011)

Multi Stakeholder Consultation Workshop on OSH Profile of Construction Sector in Bangladesh was organized

OSHE survey Report on Workplace Accident & Violation

Advance training on OSH & HIV/AIDS in ship breaking sector

Observation of May Day 2010: A national health and safety policy urged

May Day Fair-2010: Arrangement of OSHE stall.

Training on Occupational Safety and Health Conditions on Construction Sector in Bangladesh was held

OSHE initiative: Health Care Service for ship breaking workers
International Occupational Safety and Health Information Centre (CIS) founded in 1959 is the knowledge management arm of the ILO Programme on Safety and Health at Work and the Environment (SafeWork). Its goal is to ensure that workers and everyone concerned with their protection have access to the facts they need to prevent occupational injuries and diseases.

Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE) is the ‘National Collaborating Centre’ of CIS-ILO.......Read More
The Global Union Research Network (GURN) established as a follow up to the millennium debate of the Global Trade Unions Group.

The aim of the research network is to give union organizations better access to research carried out within trade unions and allied institutions, while enabling them to exchange information on matters of joint concern and to develop the capacity to make analyses and take part in debates and policy formulation.

OSHE as a specialized labour foundation maintains necessary work relations with the GURN........Read More

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