Workplace accidents kill 179 construction workers in 2017

Workplace accidents killed 179 construction workers and left 42 others seriously injured at different under-construction sites across the country in 2017.

According to Annual Workplace Safety Report 2017 prepared by Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE) 179 construction workers lost life which is the second largest figure in the area of accidents in the year.

The highest number of killing (488 persons) took place in the transport sector.

In the year of 2016, a total of 147 construction workers lost lives while working in different construction sites. According to OSHE report, there were a total of 1,509 deaths in the construction industry from 2008 and 2017 – on average 150 deaths a year – with 2017’s 179 is the highest number of deaths during the period.

The report said the two most common reasons behind these deaths are falling from a height and electrocution.

Among 179 deaths, 175 happened in informal sector. So that maximum victims’ families will never get any compensation from the employers as the existing labour act is only applicable for formal sector.

OSHE in its report put nine-point recommendations in order to bring an end to the workplace accidents which include ensuring strong legal enforcement, mandatory use of personal protective equipment, like helmets, safety boots, safety belt, safety jacket, steel structure scaffold, guards, and safety signs, by all workers at construction sites and imparting necessary training to the workers by the authorities concerned.


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