1242 lost lives due to workplace accidents in 2017

The outgoing year was as deadly as the previous year for the workers, as at least 1,242 workers were killed across the country in 2017 due to a lack of occupational safety in the workplace.

Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE) on 30 December revealed the report on causalities in the workplace at a press briefing at Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU). OSHE Chairperson Saki Rezwana disclosed the report. As per the report, this year’s condition has remained almost the same as 1,240 workers were killed in 2016.

The report was prepared based on news items run by 15 newspapers as well as information gathered from spots by staff of the foundation.

Such condition is a big drawback for production and human resource development in the country, she added.

The reasons behind the workers’ deaths and injuries include road accidents during their ways to workplaces, electrocution, fire, lightning strikes, and boiler and cylinder explosions. In 2017, at least 679 workers either died or got injured in road accidents on their way to workplaces. The report adds that 270 workers were killed in formal sector while 972 others in informal sector in the outgoing year.

The highest 488 workers were killed in transport sector while eight in steel and re-rolling mills. 179 workers were killed at construction sector, 52 at garments manufacturing sector, 99 workers at agriculture sestor, 103 day loboureres, 22 domestic workers, 15 shipbreaking workers, 28 fishermen and 221 workers were killed at other workplaces.

OSHE suggested providing workers with safety gears, regular inspection of boilers, forming dedicated units for ensuring workplace safety, building designated hospitals for RMG workers and providing financial assistance to the victims.

OSHE vice chairperson Dr S M Morshed, director Masum Ul Alam and injured workers were also present at the programme.

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