OSHE intervention at shipbreaking sector

key OSHE’s promotion of decent work in shipbreaking project organised training of trainers (ToT) on OHS for shipbreaking workers at its Chattogram Bhatiary office on 21 and 22 December.

key OSHE also organised free medical health camps for shipbreaking workers at several outdoor and indoor setting. Outdoor camps were organized in 3 different places close to different yards. The places are Baro Awlia Govt. primary school, Kumira Govt. primary school and Kodom rosul Govt. primary school. The indoor camps were at OSHE Training & Welfare Centre in Bhatiary. In indoor camps, 240 workers and in outdoor 180 workers came and received free health clinic services under this coverage.

key As part of increasing mutual relationship of the ship breaking workers and trade union leader’s, a networking meeting with stakeholders was also organized. Some 24 potential shipbreaking workers and trade union leaders were participated in this meeting.

key The shipbreaking is labour intensive sector and work modality is mostly contractual. Legally binding employment relationship between workers and employers is slowly developing. Till employers are not considering that social protection is the issue of sustainability for workers and their families.

key The ship breaking workers have been getting conscious of occupational health and safety issue which contributes to creating a sustainable OHS culture for this sector.  These times, workers are showing their interest to know about their health and safety measures at yards and also want to follow required measures. However, yard mid level management and office staff and owners still are not that much aware of occupational health and safety knowledge that creates obstacle to building up capacity on OHS issue for ship breaking workers.

key The outdoor and indoor medical camps have been enabling the workers to get back to work in the shortest recovery time after any accidents at yards and help to get doctor prescription service and required medication.

go to link To sensitize workers on OHS is still very crucial for this sector since a significant number of accidents happen due to workers unconscious behavior towards OHS reality at work.

http://url.com The project interventions have been striving for preparing trainers/facilitators among unions’ members and potential workers but because of their poor educational background, it is a much challenged job.


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